A simple 3D Timer

TimeD is a simple 3D timer for your smartphone. Set the time by swiping over the screen, rotating the diamond. Swiping to the right winds up time, swiping to the left reduces the time. Swipe fast and let go to give the diamond some momentum. The more time the timer is set to, the leaner the diamond's shape.

After releasing the diamond, the timer will start counting down. The diamond will start rotating to the left every second, slowly gaining width until zero is reached.

Once the timer reached zero, an alarm is triggered. Tap on the diamond to stop the alarm and to return to the initial shape.

If no interaction is recognized for one minute, the diamond will explode, emphasizing that you missed the event. Tapping on the pile of shards will reassemble the diamond and make the timer return to its initial state. (Simple render for visualization purpose.)

Visual User Map

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Year:  2016
Duration:  3 weeks (independent)
Category:  Interaction Design / Interface Design / 3D
Context:  Sideproject inspired by a drawing workshop at HfK Bremen
Keywords (EN): Timer, app, interaction, design, 3D, three dimensional, motion, simple, sketch, diamond.
Keywords (DE): Zeituhr, App, Interaktion, Design, 3D, dreidimensional, Bewegung, einfach, Skizze, Diamant.