ROBEX - Entdecke neue Welten

Designing an Exhibition at Haus der Wissenschaft, Bremen

The ROBEX-Exhibition at the Haus der Wissenschaft Bremen was a project realized during a seminar by Prof. Roland Lambrette at HfK Bremen in collaboration with ZwoAcht and 16zuMoin. The goal for the exhibition was to not only inform people about the Robex Allianz and their work, but to spark curiosity and ideally inspire a future generation of scientists and researchers.

The Robex Allianz was formed to push the exploration of the deep sea and outer space. The exhibition merges these two extreme worlds that are so different, yet so similar to each other. To create an inspiring and exciting exhibition, we decided to send the visitors on an exploration themselves - to spark their own, innate curiosity, to go on a journey, to learn and to play.

At the beginning of the project I wrote an essay, "Destination Never Known", about human curiosity and the urge to explore, which was then used as a guideline to inspire the concept of the entire exhibition. Since the exhibition space was rather small, we had to find a way to not only give each exhibit enough room, but to transport the feeling of vastness associated with both deep sea and outer space. In the end, we decided to darken the room and to separate partly interactive exhibits of the two different worlds using a diagonal from one to the other side of the room, which allowed us to not only show the differences of each space, but also the way these extreme environments can overlap in their requirements and properties.

Besides the exhibition itself, we created a website amd a small mobile game, which was meant to make people to go outside and find three robots (Asguard, Crawler and Rover) that were virtually hidden around Bremen.

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Year:  2015
Duration:  6 months
(class project)
Category:  Exhibition Design / Storytelling / Concept Design
Context:  Seminar by Prof. Roland Lambrette in cooperation with ZwoAcht, 16zuMoin and Robex Allianz
Keywords (EN): robex, robotics, allianz, outer space, deep sea, exploration, exhibition, curiosity, ai, machine, underwater, moon.
Keywords (DE): robex, Robotik, Weltall, Universum, Tiefsee, entdecken, erforschen, Ausstellung, Neugier, Maschine, unterwasser, Mond.